Motorola V3 RAZR UHI Cradle

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Sep 20, 2006
Flyde, Lancashire
2006 C180K Evolution S Coupe, 2000 Lotus elise s1 "49"
I got my V3 cradle on Saturday morning - initial findings as follows;
It does have bluetooth and it seems to need the bluetooth connection for it to work - even if the phone is "docked".
If you "dock" the phone without bluetooth active the phone will charge but you cannot make, receive calls or access the phone memory.
Once the bluetooth connection is made you can access the phone memory and make or receive calls. Docking the phone improved the signal reception by using the external antenna.
The bluetooth cradle does not appear to support other phones. Although I could detect it with my sony-ericsson, trying to pair caused the phone to reboot and then lock-up. I haven't tried any other phones yet.
So far, so good

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