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May 12, 2016
C63 - Tuned

Trying to get hold of MPPS 4S in size 245/30/R19. I have them on the front now but totally struggling to get replacements. Anyone know of any reputable online tire sites that might have these?
good prices on that site! have you used them before eg reliable?

ansolutly struggled finding that size but eventually found justyres for £206 fitted. i might get some spares when i have a bit of cash from above.

drfeelgood, you running the 265 rear /245 front combo? is that on a c63 and whats the issue?
good prices on that site! have you used them before eg reliable?

I have used Tyreleader on 3 or 4 occasions without any problem, but that has not been the case for everyone.
That is the problem using an online supplier in Germany. Fine if there are no problems, but not so easy when there are.
Full set of these run between £480-£600 from a member on the c63 group on Facebook in these sizes

235 35 19 front
255 30 19 rear

I’m sure he’d be able to get your size
Compared to what Dr F, and on what car?

(Dr F are still going after all these years albeit with no original members, i assume you're a fan!)

I'm picking up my C63 this afternoon with worn out rear MPSS replaced by MPS 4S - C63 PPP 2010 Rear Uneven Wear
I have them on an M140i, they were on the car when new.

Although barely worn I find them unusually stiff,don't grip that well, need at least 35psi, which might be a reason and they track roadworks.

Will be swapping for something softer when worn out.
I find the C63 rather stiff too but I don't blame the tyre brand. I don't think you're ever going to get much compliance from a 30 profile on a 19" wheel! I couldn't use WOT to see how they grip compared to the MPSS, too much traffic and the road was a bit damp this afternoon.
The ride was maybe a smidge more compliant than I remember but that could just be max tread compared to min worn.
Although i'm no expert :)

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