Mrs has pranged the ML , Any body used Brydens Garage in Leeds?

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Sep 3, 2014
Knaresborough,North Yorks
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Hi, sorry if this should have been in The bodywork section but the app on my phone won't let me post it there!
Just wondering if anyone has used Brydens Garage in Leeds for body repairs and if so what you thought of them?
Unfortunately the Mrs pranged the ML tonight and the insurance company are putting it through Brydens.
Not too much damage but gutted, rear light cluster smashed, corner of rear bumper smashed and some damage to the offside rear wing. She reversed In to the back of the neighbours Isuzu D-Max pick up my guess is probably at least £1500 probably more?
Your insurance company don't have any call on where the car is repaired whatsoever. They will use the cheapest half-decent repairer they can (wouldn't you if you were paying and it wasn't your car?).
The insurance company will try to flannel you with a guarantee for the repairs IF you use only their approved garage. They can guarantee the repairs because they have just saved a fortune having the work carried out at a reduced rate. ;)

Take it to an approved Mercedes-Benz repairer (doesn't have to be an expensive main dealership who sometimes sub-contract in any case) and do some homework and look at reviews too.

Good luck. :thumb:

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