My 2002 model ML 320 stops accelerating, shakes and all the lights on the dashboard turn on

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Nov 12, 2023
Ml 320 year 2002
Hello, everyone. I've had this problem with car for a while now. I have a 2002 MODEL ML 320, I have taken it to the mechanic's shop several times and they cannot solve the problem with my car. When I'm driving it usually works correctly, but when I stop at a traffic light, the car starts to shake and when the light turns green and I want to accelerate, the truck doesn't accelerate at all. I have to turn the engine off, turn it back on, and it works fine, so I know it's an electrical problem. There are even times where I'm driving correctly and all the lights of the dashboard turn on and that causes the engine to stop and I have to turn it on again to get it working again. Do you know what problem it could be?
We really need to see the results of a code scan. Without it it’s all speculation
We really need to see the results of a code scan. Without it it’s all speculation
Code Scan says the car is perfect and doesnt have any problems. Thats the weird thing, Im having this problem the last 6 months and the mechanics cant solve it
The last bit of your tale sounds like crank or camshaft position sensor fault, but don't know why that would not be logged... Are you using a decent code reader?
I went to different mechanical workshops and they all tell me that their code readers cant find a problem... however I can tell them tomorrow that the camshaft position sensor fault might be the problem...
I imagine that many of us have had lights illuminated after reading this thread and seeing the location of the op.

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