My 2003, 3DR MK4 Golf R32 in Reflex Silver

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Feb 21, 2011
For Sale

My 2003, 3 Door MK4 Golf R32 in Reflex Silver
• Mileage: 56,434 (will increase as car still in use)
• Full VW Service History (2 year VW service pack sold with car all services and MOT’s paid for the next two years.)
• Next service Due August 2011 including Brake Fluid Change (Car is on time and date service schedule not the long life service schedule)
• 10 Months MOT remaining (February 2012)
• 4 Months Tax remaining (August 2011, band K car tax)
• 3 Previous Owners

Reason For Sale

I purchased my R32 back in September 2007 after selling my MK2 Golf GTI G60. The reason I wanted an R32 was because I was after the ultimate daily driver, something that was reliable, safe and thoroughly enjoyable to drive. To this day I still think the R32 is the ultimate daily driver and a really rewarding drive in all weather conditions thanks to the Haldex 4WD.
However as we all grow older I have found I am not using the R32 as much as I would like and this is simply down to the fact that between my girlfriend and I we have four cars between us and on the daily short run to work I prefer to use my Golf TDI so the R32 doesn’t get scratched in the work car park. Coupled with the fact we have a Bernese Mountain dog puppy that is 7 months old and over 6 stone the R32 is not a practical car to transport a dog of this size and I don’t want to get dog hair in it! So I am looking to move to a bigger car such as an Audi RS4 or an E55 AMG.

My history of ownership

I purchased the car from Murray Volkswagen in Plymouth in September 2007 where it was completely standard. The car was sourced from Leeds VW and it was the best R32 I had seen. I found that every other colour the R32 was painted in suffered badly from stone chips on the front bumper but on silver cars these are not prominent which is why I opted for the Silver instead of Deep Blue Pearl or Black as I absolutely hated the way the stone chips spoiled the look of so many R32’s I saw.
Over the next few years I then sensibly modified the R32 into my depiction of how the R32 should have left the factory. Every modification that has been performed has been fitted by me or with the help of friends as I have always enjoyed working on my own cars and I feel that not all companies who you pay to do work on your car spend the time of day fitting things properly or to my standard.
I have been a VW enthusiast since I was able to drive and it was always a dream of mine to own an R32 from when they were released. I am an active member on many VW forums such as and and there are detailed threads of the stages I went through with my R32 and other cars I have owned on these sites.
I used my R32 as a daily driver as to me it is a car wasted just sat in the garage and over my time of ownership I have entered it into a few shows. Most people that know me know I suffer from a cleaning OCD and clearly this has helped as I have been able to pick up a few prizes when entering my car into show and shine competitions.
I always keep every receipt or bill for every car I have so the R32 will come with a complete photo diary of history in my ownership, a Full VW service history, two folders full of bills and receipts of every single purchase for the car, every single MOT to back up the mileage, two VW keys and the original R32 brochure.

Detailed Car Specification

Below is the specification of my R32. As mentioned previously everything I have done is to enhance the car and to keep it looking as close to standard as possible:

Engine Modifications:
• Milltek Stainless Steel Manifold
• Milltek 100 cell Sports cats
• Milltek Stainless Steel Non-Resonated exhaust (LOUD!)
• BMC CDA Carbon Air Box
• Revo Technik Stage 2 Re-Map with Select Plus
• Polyurethane Dog-Bone Mount
• Jcaps, R-line aluminium strut covers, power steering, expansion tank, oil cap, washer bottle and dip stick.

Chassis Modifications:
• Eibach Pro Street S, Stainless Steel Coilovers
• Powerflex anti roll bushes
• Forge Motorsport adjustable rear tie arms
• Audi S3 lower front strut brace
• Dieselgeek panzer skid plate (aluminium under tray )

Exterior Modifications:
• Genuine 19” X 8.5” BBS CH Motorsport wheels, wrapped in Toyo T1-R tyres
• H&R 15mm rear wheel spacers
• Seat Leon Cupra R front splitter
• LED sidelights and rear number plate lights
• MK5 VW Polo rear wiper
• VW Touareg aerial
• Vented front grills

Interior Modifications:
• Alpine IVA-W502R Double Din DVD/IPOD Head unit with, Alpine Blackbird PMD-B200P Sat Nav unit with Bluetooth
• VW MK4 Golf centre armrest
• MK4 Golf fly by wire Cruise Control
• Complete homebuilt stealth ICE install consisting of: -
o Optima Yellow Top 3.7 R Battery in original VW battery holde
o Alpine SPE-20SF, 8” 240 watts front component speakers
o Alpine SPE-17SF, 6.5” 210 watts rear component speakers
o In Phase IP42PS, 3000W Professional Dual Amplifier Wiring Kit hidden throughout the car
o In Phase IPA1041, 1000W 4 channel Amplifier mounted behind rear door cards
o In Phase IPA1001, 1000W 2 channel Amplifier mounted behind rear door cards
o In Phase XT8 1000 Watts 8” Subwoofer mounted in homemade stealth box
o All panels sound proofed with Dynamat Xtreme sound proofing
o In Phase 1.2 Farad Digital Power Capacitor
• ECS window module (auto closure windows/sunroof)
• VW R-Line interior mats
• All interior lights replaced with LED’s, Vag Tacho enabled “lit needles” and “miles to empty” on MFA

• 263 HP and 244LBFT (222.3BHP at the wheels)
• Standard MK4 R32 is 237 HP and 236LBFT


Below are some pictures of the car to give you an idea of what it looks like, as with all decent modifications most of the spec I have listed is completely hidden but I have a complete picture diary of every modification over the years of having the car.
The pictures below are taken with the Konig Seat Covers on as this is how I drive the car everyday to not mark the Konig leather seats. If you want pictures of the front seats without the seat covers on I can send these.

IMG_1128 by vealige, on Flickr

IMG_1147 by vealige, on Flickr

IMG_1132 by vealige, on Flickr

IMG_1109 by vealige, on Flickr

IMG_1102 by vealige, on Flickr

IMG_1112 by vealige, on Flickr

IMG_1120 by vealige, on Flickr

IMG_1095 by vealige, on Flickr

IMG_1097 by vealige, on Flickr

IMG_1099 by vealige, on Flickr

IMG_1100 by vealige, on Flickr

IMG_1089 by vealige, on Flickr

IMG_1156 by vealige, on Flickr

IMG_1155 by vealige, on Flickr

IMG_1154 by vealige, on Flickr

IMG_1152 by vealige, on Flickr
Summary and Contact details

I have tried to put everything in this advert that any genuine perspective buyer would ask. I have not added things like running costs etc as to be honest the R32 is not an overly expensive car to run and anyone considering buying a 3.2 V6 car would not ask how much MPG the car gets.
The only thing worth mentioning though as it is a question I get asked all the time is because this R32 is pre 2006 it thankfully does not qualify for the monster car tax so it only costs £260 for 12 months Tax or £143 for 6 months.
I am in absolutely no rush to sell my R32 as I have plenty more cars to use and I would really like to sell it to someone who will appreciate it as much as I have over the last few years.
If you are genuinely interested in the car then I am contactable via PM or email me at [email protected]


I have two prices in mind for my car due to the history with the car and the specification.
I will not accept any offers on the car other than the stated prices below as I know they are competitive for what the perspective buyer is getting. I will also not be splitting any parts from the car so any vultures out there please don’t ask me if I will be, even though I know I could make more money that way.

£11,000 with Alpine Headunit and blackbird satnav
£10,500 without Alpine Headunit and blackbird satnav so you will need to provide your own

No Part EX as I have enough cars already!

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