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May 2, 2020
Skeg Vegas
W124 AMG
Finally got the old girl running and got the steering wheel I got off EBay fitted. Still thinking of scratching an old itch with a wide AMG style body kit. Anyone on here fitted one and where did you get it from.


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Nice looking car. Forget the plastic body kit at least until the wheel arches start rusting
As much as I love modified cars I think I would draw the line at modifying that....good ones are rare now and climbing in value. Perhaps if you found a rotten one that needed a lot of metal....then maybe.
As above Jaymanek did a full widebody conversion on his (it was a huge project, but he owns a garage ...):

Unfortunately the pictures are no longer viewable ... I found this one I took at a club meeting in 2013:


IIRC he later made it look more original by reverting to orange indicators and a few other slight changes.
Please take off the AMG :mad: Badge
Lol.....his car, his choice.
Some designs are best left alone!
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