My Chrysler/Lancia Ypsilon for sale..

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Mar 12, 2006
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Having bought another car, our Ypsilon isn’t getting used. I find it easier to drive an automatic these days, and since I bought our Mini my wife has fallen in love with it meaning the Ypsilon is gathering dust in the garage. It’s time to find it a new home.

We bought the car from a dealership about 2 and a half years ago, it had been their demonstrator (hence the exceptional specification – see description) and then their service departments’ courtesy car. At the time it was 5 years old and had only covered 25000 miles. We don’t do a lot of miles, and so the mileage has stayed low – it’s now just over 35000 and the car’s 7 and a half.

For a small hatchback, the car is very well specified indeed – one of the reasons we were drawn to it. The spec includes:

Half leather upholstery
Full climate control (blows ice cold)
Automatic xenon headlights
Automatic wipers
Cruise control
Front and rear parking sensors
Magic parking (it parallel parks itself!)
Bluetooth handsfree phone integration with voice control
CD player with aux in and USB connection
Sat nav – TomTom with full European mapping (maps are still the 2011 originals so could use updating – c. £75 I think, if you want to do it).

There’s probably more that I’ve forgotten about – safe to say it’s fully loaded.

It’s powered by Fiat’s excellent TwinAir engine. A tiny little thing, 2 cylinders and 875cc, but trust me when I say it punches well above its weight. It’s gutsy despite its miniscule size, if I’d have driven it without knowing how big the engine was I’d have said it was a 1.4 or 1.6. So you can either stick your foot down and enjoy the performance, or drive it gently in which case it’s not hard to get 50 MPG on a run. It’s a bit gruff, but the noise is part of its charm.

The car’s based on the Fiat Panda/500 platform but with a 3 inch stretch on the wheelbase, so there’s decent legroom in the back. You can fit 3 grown-ups in there in reasonable comfort, so long as they’re fairly well-acquainted. The boot is a reasonable size, certainly big enough for a couple of suitcases or a weeks shopping. With the back seat folded, the load space is surprisingly big. It’ll accommodate a flat screen telly still in its packaging, at least. There’s also a (space-saver) spare wheel with the jack and everything, all unused.

Whilst I’m on the Fiat theme, although the car’s badged as a Chrysler, there’s no American parts in it at all. It’s actually marketed in Europe as a Lancia, a brand that hasn’t been sold in the UK since the 1980s. FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) decided it would be cheaper to re-badge the car rather than try and re-launch the Lancia brand. There’s lots of them punting around Europe with Lancia badges on. Chrysler have now withdrawn from the UK market as well, so there aren’t any main dealers around, but parts availability isn’t a problem. Most of the mechanical bits (engine, gearbox, suspension, brakes etc.) came straight out of the Fiat parts bin and can be bought easily. Body parts (panels etc.) might a bit more tricky, but as before there’s loads available on the other side of the channel.

What else to say? Not a lot, really, the car’s in excellent condition mechanically and cosmetically. Of course, it is 7 years old so it’s not new, body wise there’s a little scratch by the petrol cap caused by someone opening their door onto the rear wing (I’ve touched it up to stop it rusting, but it’s not a perfect match), a minor bit of crazing on the rear bumper corner where I managed to outwit the parking sensors and nudged a bollard and a few inevitable stone chips on the front end. No show-stoppers, it looks very good for a 7 year old car and scrubs up well. All 4 alloys are in excellent condition with no scrapes. The tyres are OEM Goodyears, all with decent tread, 2 of them are under a year old and were fitted at the last MOT.

The MOT runs till June 2019, the car was last serviced in May so it should need for nothing for a while yet. It’s also free to tax! It’s hard to think of a cheaper way of getting from A to B..

As you’ve read this far you’ll be wanting to see some photos. Rather than try and put them in the advert, it’s easier to stick them up on Google Drive so that you can see them in their high-res glory. I’m afraid I’m not the world’s greatest photographer, but hopefully these show how tidy the car is. If there’s anything specific you’d like to see, please get in touch and I’ll try my best to oblige. Album is here:

Chrysler Ypsilon 2018 – Google Drive

So down to the nitty-gritty. It’s somewhat difficult to price, being quite a rare car, but basing it on the fact it’s a well-equipped small hatchback in excellent condition with good provenance, I’d like to offer this at £3,295, which I think represents good value. Certainly, you would do very well to find a Fiesta (for example) with this kind of spec. and mileage for the money. If you feel otherwise, please feel free to try me with an offer, but silly lowballs and enquiries along the lines of “what’s your best price mate” will be met with a dignified silence.

The car is located in NW Hampshire. Enquiries by PM in the first instance, please, I’m happy to talk on the phone but I’m not in the habit of putting my number up on t’interweb where all and sundry can access it. Thanks for reading my waffle and I look forward to hearing from you!


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I should mention, although the steering wheel is crooked in the photos that's just how I parked it. When driving, the wheel is straight and true.

And secondly, once this is gone there will be a sports-car shaped hole in the garage which will need filling before the spring! If you have something to trade I'd be interested to hear, cash either way. I'm thinking Italian, possibly an Alfa Spider, but open to suggestions..


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