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Discussion in 'Members Gallery' started by 7om, Jul 14, 2015.

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    Mar 1, 2015
    Cornwall, UK

    Bought my CLS 4 months ago in Leeds and on the way back stopped off at MSL in Birmingham for a remap, pulley and lowering. Since I've had good guidance from Paul at Eurocharged and fitted headers with full decat exhaust. Sounds great. The clip in the video is open headers only. Sounds great now with no drone whatsoever using the standard CLS backboxes.

    I was going to upload pics but as I've already made a YouTube vid I may as well post the link. Big thanks to Asad at MSL and Paul at Eurocharged.

    Next mods - Smaller pulley, belt wrap kit, remap at MSL. At the same time huge focus on cooling (EC Heat exchanger, split cooling with tank and Killer Chiller). Rear carbon diffuser and later on a PD600 kit.

    Here's the vid :)
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