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d w124

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Dec 30, 2008
w124 3.6AMG styling E320 S124 Lorinser styling
As my Lorinser Project is soon coming to an end,thought I'd start a new thread
Will post a few pictures of the whole process,thanks to Photobucket all my previous pictures are gone :wallbash:
Basically I wanted a project estate to play with but wanted one with as many toys
Thought I had found the car and just before I started with it,an Imperial red came on ebay
Descent spec and I'm a sucker for red so I had to buy it and the deal was done

Drove it straight to work and had the wheels changed to monoblocks as my Lorinsers weren't ready
Just as I was over the pain of having paid £1420 for a wiring loom (madness for a bit of cable) :( the head gasket went
The car is a keeper thought so everything needed doing had to be done
Using a custom front bumper for the time being
When buying the car the sportline badges were missing so added them too

Really wasn't happy with the grill ;) wanted something more original but yet different


Had the rocker cover painted when the HG was getting done

Next I striped the headlight to try and give them a 500 look


No matter how much I tried they just didn't come as good so I gave up and got some original E500 ones
You can see the difference how dull the original look in


Oh yeah,and I fitted a strut brace and yes it does make a difference
Had splash guards fitted on both sides

Next was time to deal with the suspension
Wanted to go slightly lower but not slammed as this a daily drive
Got myself a set of H&R specific for estate,I already had AMG shocks fitted at the rear previously



Everything ready to go on

Next it was time to deal with the interior
The wooden piece where the gear selector and the window switches was in a very sad state
Kept looking on ebay for long enough but couldn't find one with heated switches in good condition,so I did something silly :D
I had one for a convertible so I was left with no choice



Thanks to a friend I managed to source a full option upper panel so I've holes to fill :D



Second mirror switch is just a dummy one,for now :p
Absolutely love threads like this. Nice car and the little changes make a big difference!
A picture from BOTG last year,next to Ray's beautiful 107

Fitted a S11 storage box and had a boot carpet made by a company in Holland since I couldn't find an original cream one


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