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Aug 31, 2019
Cape Town South Africa
1998 E280
Good day all.

As a first timer MB owner, I thought I would share my experiences with the forum. It may or may not be of use to someone, either way I felt likw sharing. And at the same time get my post count up HAHAHA! Car in question is a the W210, and in my case, a 1998 E280. This particular vehicle I have been eyeing for about a while, and finally decided to purchase it after many hours of Googling and neg with the previous owner. Engine had a misfire, check engine light was on, ASR and BAS lights as well at some lamp warning, and then lastly, the dreaded limp mode. Stuck in second gear. Im prepared for the worst regarding the limp mode issue. Getting codes read, and cleared tomorrow. Hopefully it will take it out of limp mode. Battery died, and that was replaced a few months before I took ownership. The W210 is the Sexiest damn car on the planet. Shoot me!

So here goes, two weeks since taking ownership, bearing in mind I dont have alot of time to work on her, I have....

Replaced spark plugs, not as difficult as the internet would make you think it is. I little fiddly on the side of the brake booster. Still super easy.

Replaced engine oil and filter, a damn walk in the park, especially the filter. Needed a big socket or filter wrench, which I didnt have. Used my leather belt to get it off. And yes, Im minus a belt now, it broke when I tightened it back up. Bwah! No oil leaks there. Reset service light as per Google instructions :)

Sorted the ASR and BAS lights on the dash. Googles suggested a brake light switch, which I was goign to buy as its cheap. In my case it was just the fuse for the brake lights. Replaced that, reset it by turning the steering full lock both ways when I was done.

Fixed electronic steering adjust. Lots of Googling and checking, and just before taking the dash apart to find the fault, I came across a post somewhere that suggested the control box under the driver seat. WARNING, remove the large plug on the control box with caution! You WILL sit with the wires in one hand, and the actual connector still left in the control box. Took me a looong time and WITH UNCLE Google by my side to get the wires in the right place again. I can read a circuit diagram lol. Plug wasnt seated properly before which caused the electronic steering adjust to not work. Check this first, then fuse, then switch before stripping the dash lol.

My biggest issue was tranny fluid level. It was very confusing at the begining. My tranny fluid read way, way above 80 deg mark even when cold. Anyway, I finally figured it out after many hours of Youtube and Googling and forums like this. This is largely dependent on if you are draining just the fluid in the sump or in the sump and torque convertor. In my case, it was just the sump. What I did was, drained fluid, removed the sump and filter, no leaks around 13 pin connector, so I didnt bother with that. Fitted it all back together and slowly added fluid until fluid level measured between the two lines on the 25deg mark while idling. I used the original MB dipstick, which I borrowed from a friend. Took a hell of a long drive, and checked again. Topped up as usual until fluid level showed between the two 80 deg lines.

What I still need to do.

Got a bit of play on the front wheels, felt it while driving and taking corners. Grabbed front wheel, hands at 9 and 3 and wiggled, found a bit of play there. Nothing at 12 and 6, so Im assuming it is not wheel bearing, and rather somewhere on the ball joints or tie rod ends or somewhere there

I have a gazillion pieced of what looks like pine needles and red berry type thingy me bobs, laying in the gap just below the windscreen wiper and in the corners of either side of the engine bay. This has also left very small spots of rust on the roof and bonnet

One small dent, rear left corner of the body. Previous owner replaced the lens with a aftermarket unit, this does not seal properly, small gap between the rubber seal and the body.

The speakers are shot, makes a brrr brrr sound while listening to music. The volume control on the original radio, is like my wife, full of moods. Just one touch and it goes full blast. Sprayed some Servisol 10 in the pot as best I could, did not resolve the issue. Good reason to get a new USB front loader.

Rear passenger window does not work, I will get to that

Bootlid wont open with the inside switch, only with the remote

God willing, nothing else pops up, I cant wait to get her on the road for a drive with the family.
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