My Garmin Street Pilot i3 - kaput

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Ade B

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Nov 26, 2006
South London
2006 Accord Tourer iCDTI EX
My cheapo sat nav has somehow wiped its memory card and has lost all its maps..

Its telling me to give it the original CD to talk to... which I would if I could find it..

Having tried unsuccessfully to find something on the Garmin website and updated my software twice, still no base maps - any suggestions?

email the company who either sold you the device or the manufacturer with a copy of proof of purchase and you never know they might help!
I didn't think the i3 came with a CD? If my memory is correct then I wouldn't waste any more time looking for yours :)

If you have a MyGarmin account and you registered the i3 then that should have a record of your map Unlock Code. If not then you'll probably need to find the little yellow slip of paper that came with the i3 which contains your Unlock Code, then give Garmin UK a call (free call nbr: 0808 238 0000). They're usually incredibly helpful and should get you sorted.
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