My mates old mota.

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Nov 18, 2010
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I just love this car. The owner is a friend and WWII aircraft enthusiast. I believe it's a Hillman?

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Hillman Minx :- note the suicide front doors popular at the time. 1937 model going by the position of the sidelights
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Some suicide doors are fine. Others you risk your life and limb as the A pillar flexes. A fellow Allard owner had his open on the Autobahn on his way to Techno Classica in Essen. Much easier to get into a difficult car though!

Nice car, I like to see these on the road! Not all classics have to be exotic, and some of the names of that era were seriously good quality (like Rover or Humber inter alia) which rather lost their way later.

Cue second gratuitous shot of my Allard M type drophead in as many days

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Bruce - he ought to take it up to an open day at Bicester Heritage - it's a superb classic car and classic aircraft place at the old RAF Bicester, an old Bomber command base with buildings dating back to the 30s and 40s - it would look perfect there! The portfolio of my Allard sale photos was taken there by Nick Froome of this parish, it's a brilliant backdrop.

View from an old shelter there

And another that was made in the USA about 1940 i bet this car could tell a tail or two . Make Hudson Made in Detroit USA
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HUDSON----- taken over by AMC around 1954 -----maker the legendary Hornet.
here's a video of Jay Leno taking a restored 4 door back to let its former owner see it.
I wonder what the yellow disc 2 denotes. Same on both cars.

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Top speed in mph ?

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