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Jun 1, 2002
W168, W169 & S202
After running my cone I put the old popcorn air box back on and my compressor 'fluttering' noise was drowned, but little did I know that one of my silicone pipes (MB) had split again without me knowing.......

I put my cone back on today and realised that there was no fluttering I was convinced this was because of an adjustment made by me on the dump valve (fluttering is not so good for the turbo but it's the best noise in the world - second to a dump valve)

At the GTG I did notice my dump valve wasnt sounding that good but I ignored this, anyway after disconnecting my dump valve as advised by mark because I couldnt get flutter noise back I found out that my dump valve was still working how was this so? it wasnt.

After some investigation the air was being pushed out of the broken silicone once the throttle plate was shut same principal as a dump valve.

A quick visit to think Automotive and I got some proper silicone not the cheap MB rubbish ;) upon fitting it at their premises and reving the car the fluttering was back. This meant I had a SEALED charge system and that I wasnt loosing any boost.

Taking the car for a drive it was like a animal. spinning in gears in the dry it had totally transformed the car I didnt realise how much pressure was being lost, the dump valve was sounding like a proper dump valve now!!!

I wish I could give my keys to Jimmy for him to have another test drive.....

This is so ironic cause only yesterday I was thinking to have the boost turned up, but I now dont need any more boost.


for the people who didnt understand what I am talking about: My car wasnt running properly at the GTG and probably for a long while before - I fixed it today and I can't belive what I was missing...

Conclusion? I need Boost guages and stuff in my car... Mark.. got Apexi? :D :rock: :bannana:

now just some oil issues to be resolved and a few other bits and bobs and my car is done!

I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed a brake upgrade - I keep getting brake fade :eek:

@ Mark, sorry to dissapoint you but I chose Black Silicone! :rolleyes:


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Jul 21, 2002
Originally posted by Koolvin

Conclusion? I need Boost guages and stuff in my car... Mark.. got Apexi? :D :rock: :bannana:

(Mr T voice on) I told you FOOL!!! (Mr T voice off)

- We fixed the Apexi last weekend - Its now on Chris' car and doing a sterling job - he has 3 levels of boost control all with a flash blue screen - at a totally bargain price!

Originally posted by Koolvin

@ Mark, sorry to dissapoint you but I chose Black Silicone! :rolleyes:

Which we all know is just for purists - people who can back up the show - have blue ;) - people who cant have black


:D :D

Nice to see its all sorted though !!!


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