My SL63 AMG On The Nurburgring

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May 21, 2003
A week ago myself and a mate drove over to Germany for a Lap of the incredible Nurburgring Nordschleife, for my SL63 AMGs first Euro road trip

As some of you will know, I have previously taken both of my CLS's in the past and missed taking the G55 for obvious reasons. The video below is my 2nd Lap while I was there, yes its not fast and does look even slower on video that it actually was, however video doesnt show the G-Forces, the dips and elevation changes which you fight against whilst driving.

The SL performed amazingly, always enough power on tap and did handle amazingly around all corners, The dynamic seat bolsters which inflate on one side to keep you planted actually do help! Only around Brunchen did the rear of the car feel like it was starting to oversteer.

Yes the lap is fairly slow, however I didnt have track insurance and I didnt want to take any stupid risks.

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Very cool.....cant say Id have been any faster in my own cars either!!......
I went around there on my bike in a bout 1994 (1989 Yamaha FZR1000 EXUP) in about 9.45.....which felt fast (I also had to ride it around Germany and then home so no heroics) which does not sound too bad....until you remember that Sabine Schmitz put a Transit van around it in 10.08!!!! The Transit only had a little over 130bhp and 0-60mph took a pedestrian 21 seconds. This was the fastest recorded lap of a standard van around the Ring. She was the Queen of the Ring....RIP.
Not been round the 'ring in a production car but have done a few laps in my first cobra, no idea what time I did as wasn't timing it but a really great experience. Also did a full track day at Spa on that trip too which I enjoyed more. Good video Karl!
some good pics there Karl, still on the bucket list for me.
Thanks for the comments.

Yeah as I've said before. It's a must for any petrolhead. Such an amazing vibe. Also great for other halfs as the scenery is incredible also.

Was having a steak on a stone and the guys on the next table upped and and left, only to get into an AMG GT Black Series. Where else in the world do you just see supercars casually used on track and then outside restaurants 😂
It was amazing just how balanced it was, there was barely any bodyroll at all. I know the video looks slow but virtually all corners were taken at least 70mph and it handled like 'it was on rails' as they say. - My mate 'Edd' in the video, who owns a Megan RS also commented on just how well it was planted.

Previous years I have taken the CLS55 around (with Air Suspension all round) and also the CLS63 which had it only on the rear. The SL as ABC suspension and it was a world apart. Both CLSs felt like boats in comparision.!
Just made a YouTube short of my car under the 3 Nurburgring bridges & the engine noises off them :D (Headphones on!)

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Great car and pictures. Little point in trying to go for an all-out ten tenths lap with so much at stake in terms of accidents etc. Well played.

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