My W203 smashed...

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Aug 18, 2003
Just had a call that my W203 has been involved in an accident by my cousin who had borrowed it.

Luckily, he is fine and does not have a sctratch on him but car is a mess from what I have been told and engine caught fire. No one has been hurt thank God.

He has his own insurance to drive the car... and i will be claiming off that

I'm quite pi$$ed and annoyed... it was my pride and joy... :(

All I know is that the car is badly smashed and an Audi was involved... and my car is def written off according to him.
Feel for you mate, so sorry. Hope you get a satisfactory result at the end of the day and am also glad no one was hurt.
Oh mate , i'm so sorry.... :(

Glad no one was hurt , but its always gutting to see your pride and joy in a state ....

Hope you have a reasonable resolution !

Hope he wasn't drving it just on third party .......
Glad no one hurt but what a pain. When will you see the car for yourself?
Flash said:
Luckily, he is fine and does not have a scratch on him...
Proper cars! The car probably gave up it's life to preserve his.

Hope you get it all sorted out soon.
Thanks Guys...

Cars are replacable but humans are not BUT I'm still gutted big time.

Car is en route back to my home address via the recovery truck as we speak now for time being so I will see it tonight back at home and at least will be able to get my pesonal belongings out of it as interior never caught fire apart from engine bay...

My insurance company has been informed and will be laiisng with my cousin's insurers (his in motor trade so should hopefully be covered fully comp fingers crossed...). You try and do someone a favour and this is what happens to you in return...

My car has only done just over 8230 miles (ish) and I gave her a good full Zymol treatment on Sunday.

Its bad luck after the other for me guys...
Hmmm...the words "Arrrrghhh....f*ck it" come to mind. It's never a pleasant experience.
It must be a real pi$$er to have your car smashed up by someone else... :mad:

Glad he was OK though
Whole of the front of the car is gone and is a right mess and engine has been soaked with water/foam from fire brigade and i'm certain is beyond repair (whole new engine is def required) and would be classed as write off in addition to the bodywork repairs etc. I dont understand how a diesel engine could catch fire from impact as it takes longer for the fuel to burn... :confused: Even the front alloys of the car have been damaged/distorted as result of the impact/accident. Airbags did a good job and he only has slight bruising to his face.

All I can now do is hope for a decent payout... their are witnesss...

To keep the story short an Audi S3 came out of a side road onto the main road (that has the national speed limit) without stopping to check that the path was clear (f*cking moran). Audi too looks like a write off from what I have been told.
It never rains... as the saying goes. Feel for you chuck :( :( You've said it yourself - a car can be replaced - doesn't stop it being upsetting, maddening, distressing, frustating etc etc.

Chin up - at least we understand ;)
So sorry to hear that Flash - good to hear that no-one had been badly hurt and I hope that it all comes out ok regarding his insurance.

On the brighter side - perhaps you could look at one of the AMGs that you have always promised yourself :devil:

Good Luck,

Really sorry to hear this Flash, hope all comes good in due course, as quickly as possible though.

Hope you manage to get a good replacement, maybe that C55 you had for the weekend a few months ago?

As you say, fingers crossed your friend has fully comprehensive cover. It's a pity they took the car to your place (unless you requested it?)

Make sure your friend has all the witness names and addresses.

Take care,
So sorry to here that some people just dont even think about looking. Going round an island on the way home from work an S Class just pulled stright out in front of me :crazy:

If I had been distracted in any way without a doubt my engine would have been on his lap.
Sorry to hear the bad news Flash :( Hopefully, you'll get it all sorted soon. At least no one was injured. Do you think you'll get another W203 as a replacement or will go for another model type?

Its ironic that car has been written off because before I was adamant not to get another new MB due to problems I have had with Stealers BUT am now in a dilemma (before all this I thought that I would keep my current car for another couple of years...) Even if car was not written off I would have been reluctant to keep it after repairs BUT nothing is offical until the insurers assessor has inspected...

C55 would be nice (was not that long ago that the order was cancelled) or possibly a C320 CDI Sports Edition if I do opt for W203 or possibly CLS. I'm not sure what to do now guys... Even after I get a settlement from the insurerers my finances at the moment will not allow me to make a new purchase until sometime in the new year at the moment... :( If I do get a MB then I will source it via Midlands/Northern Stealers...

Details of witnesses have been obtained. Cousin told the recovery crew to drop car off at mine which I had requested until things are progressed with the insurers. May be not a good move as it was heart breaking this morning too see the state she was again in this morning when I left home...

Thanks for everyones support and for being so understanding :)
Flash said:
May be not a good move as it was heart breaking this morning too see the state she was again in this morning when I left home...

Thanks for everyones support and for being so understanding :)

This is why I queried the decision. You are going to have many more weeks of this, and also lots of mess of leaking fuel, lubricants, water etc.

If it is not to late, can you ask the insurance company to remove it? I fear they might refuse, but I would strongly advise you try. Take out everything that you have fitted, plus of course your personal possessions.

You have had lots of unpleasant experiences with your local dealer and I'm a great believer in having a good relationship. Perhaps you might want to consider a different brand\model, then you can keep us posted about your experience.

Good luck with both your decision and the claim,

(Definitely strange about the fire)

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