My W210 E430 Sport ... hehe !!


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May 18, 2003
E430 Avantgarde (W210) / CLK320 Avantgarde (W209)
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2002 (Late Model) W210 E430 Sport (plus a few upgrades !!). Violane Metallic. Anthracite Interior.

All the usual specs from MB with some nicer 17" alloys (IMHO!).

Only other 'stock' change I made was the tyres. The stock Continentals are great. But I prefer the softer compound and better grip (and V-V-pattern !!) of the Goodyear Eagle F1's (GSD-3 version); 235/45/17/ZR+ = VEEEEERRRRRRRYYYYY STRRRROONNNG G-FORCES ROUND CORNERS ... hehe !!


Not really a mechanical man myself. More into the gadget side of things ... besides. There isn't much I could do with a stock car like this right? I thought about re-springing it - but that would ruin the legendary MB suspension for no good reason ...

I could chip the car or uprate the engine. But that would seriously void the warranty on a new(-ish!) car. Besides. If I wanted that extra kick it would be better just to get an E55 right ... ?!

Done a little extra work myself ... some ideas guys for upgrades / options ?! ;)

Bluetooth Handsfree Carkit.
(if you are getting one, make sure it is either generic or the Sony Ericsson kit. Apparently the Nokia kit only works with Nokia phones. My Sony Ericsson kit works with both my T68i, 8910 and others ... !!).

Hardwired Charger Cable for Nokia.
(hidden in the glove compartment ... !!).

Cambridge Audio OFC Interconnect Line-In.
(for iPod, iPAQ, MD-LP ... etc. anything can be plugged in now!).

Fibre-optic CD-Changer.

Mercedes APS 30 Navigation System.
(installed discretely in the second DIN slot with the wood-panel preserved !! MB-UK refused to do this for me - they install it by replacing the standard unit and say that you need to take out the NAVI disc to play a CD in the front ... I have now got two head units. The Audio 30 CD plays one CD in the front (those quick-change moments !!), and controls the CDC. The NAVI unit is then free to run what it does best all the time. No fiddling with swapping discs in and out to do different things. Plus theft-protection by hiding it is brilliant. The GPS antenna is hidden discretely under the right-hand dash metal grill (facing sky), and picks up 8-9 satellites on average even on a very cloudy day !!.


Okay. Heres the only other thing I might do ...

There are a couple sets of alloys for offer on

I have had this car for over 18 months now. Hence getting itchy to spend some money on it again ...

Suggestions about these links please ... ?! Anyone know if they'll fit without rolling out the wheels? Or would it just look silly? There are a couple ... there's even the "E-class" monoblock II patterns ...

18" SL55 AMG Multispokes

18" SL55 AMG Twin-Spokes

18" SL55 AMG Twin-Spokes

Okay. So maybe the three sets above may be OTT for my car.

But how about these ??

18" CLK AMG Monoblocks

18" E-Class AMG Monoblock IIs

I think my personal favourite and the best match would be the last set. What do you think?

Also. Guys. I need some advice about where the best place is, to get parts like the chromed SLK gear-surround for my car ... ??

I think that is the only other things that I would like to upgrade ... ... for the time being !?!?!?!

Kind regards. Am new here. Advice and information much welcomed.



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Jun 1, 2002
W168, W169 & S202
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