My w211 320 cdi is runnig revs up and down


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Aug 6, 2008
Hi sorry for my bad spelling (im from sweden)
my e 320 cdi is a 2005 and have a 204hk euro4
the car have run 120000 kilometer when i get it and when i drowe in 1200-1300 revs is starting to puls up and down not much but still puls.
This is when the car have too work not downhill.
I then chip tuned the car too 265hk 600nm and the problem is till there.
im not a expert of engine but it feels like the gearbox is not responding and dont put the tork in the road as it should do.
NO message when i try to go to mercedes work shop and read out errors.
I have change the oil in the motor every 10000kilometer and the same in the atomatic gearbox.
PLEASE help im very greatful fore any suggestions
sorry for my porr spelling
stebba:( :confused: :( :confused: :(

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