My W211 E55 AMG with Panoramic Roof

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*WARNING* If your wife/partner/husband carries your balls around in their handbag, you have to ask your wife/partner/husband if you can go to the pub with the lads and if you have to ask your wife/partner/husband permission before buying my car then please save your time and mine and stop reading my advert right away and go and look at a diesel rep-mobile, this car does 15-20mpg and has higher running costs than a re-mapped and tuned 2.0TDi (just so you know)*WARNING*
My Mercedes E55 AMG for sale, I can't think of a better Q-Car sub £10k car that'll do less than 5 seconds 0-60 than these, truly great value pound per horsepower (476bhp). Throw around a £1000 at mods and 530-550bhp is achievable. This car also has the ability to give wrinkly old folk a facelift, simply stick it in second gear and plant your foot then watch in the mirror as your eyebrows end up where your ears were.
Two keys
HPi clear (no finance outstanding or record of accident damage etc)
Full V5 (Logbook) present, registered in my name to my home address.
Loads of service history, both in invoices and service stamps. I've recently had the nearside front air strut replaced, I've also spent as an when the car's needed anything and I've only ever used genuine OEM Mercedes parts; front upper wishbone, front discs and pads, new bonnet star, seat trim etc.
Sports exhaust fitted which is barely audible at motorway cruising, yet quite raucous when you plant your foot. Mercedes AMG's were notoriously quiet and the work that's been done to mine is perfect in my opinion.
Continental Sport Contact tyres fitted to the front with roughly 6mm, the rears are fitted with Pirelli P-Zeros with around 7mm. To fit a car with this sort of power with ditch-finders would be suicide and it's one of the first things I check when I buy a car, it's usually a sign of the standard of good ownership. The alloys are black with a silver lip, I had intended to refurbish them back to factory silver but my inner Chav simply wouldn't let it happen so I kept them the way that they were.
I've only ever run the car on Shell V Power, even though AMG recommend anything above 95 Ron, I like to know that my car is running on the best fuel I can buy.
Previous old M.O.T.'s present and date as follows:
March 27th 2006 - 57,031 miles
March 29th 2007 - 60,653 miles
April 2nd 2008 - 84,932 miles
April 25th 2009 - 86,037 miles
May 1st 2010 - 97,009 miles
May 6th 2011 - 105,137 miles
June 8th 2012 - 112,389 miles
September 15th 2012 - 113,080 miles
September 11th 2013 - 116,067 miles
September 15th 2014 - 121,901 miles
Current mileage is 123,665 as of today January 6th.
Data card is as follows (I've also got a hard copy printed off for me by the Mercedes parts department).
Sales designation: E 55 AMG
Order number: 0 2 757 10088
Delivery date: 11 12 2002
Paint code 1: 744U Brilliant Silver Metallic
Equipment: 251A Leather - Black/Anthracite
Engine no: 113990 60 007099
Transmission: 722643 04 145117
I'll just list the optional cost extras (these were high spec as standard):
213 Speed-Sensitive Steering
220 Parktronic System (PTS)
241 Front Seat LH Electric Adjustable With Memory
249 Inside and Outside Mirror Automatic Dimming
251A Leather Black/Anthracite
275 Memory Package (Drivers Seat, Steering Column, Mirror)
293 Sidebag In Rear Left And Right
401 Front Seat Climate Control
419 Solar Module (Very, very rare option; uses a solar panel on the Panoramic roof to power the Air-Con when it senses that the car is getting hot inside which is brilliant in summer)
433 Left Driving Dynamics Seat
434 Right Driving Dynamics Seat (Also above option:Massages your back, tightens the bolsters when taking a sharp corner)
489 Airmatic Dual Control / Air Suspension Semi - Active
500 LH & RH Wing Mirror Folding
525 Audio 50 APS
540 Roller Blind, Electric, For Rear Window
573 Child Seat Mounting, ISOFIX In Rear
581 Four Zone Climate Control
618 Bi-Xenon Headlamps
673 High Capacity Battery
682 Fire Extinguisher
819 6 CD Changer
889 Keyless-Go
915 Fuel Tank With Larger Capacity
The car is in great condition, had the all important spark plug change at 114k miles, idles smooth, goes through every gear without hesitation, starts up first press of the button, doesn't use oil etc and I've just given the leather interior a fresh coat of Gliptone Leather Treatment so they car smells nice and leathery (some do like that kind of thing, so I'm told) The only two known faults are the drivers Keyless-Go door handle needs replacing and the Panoramic roof has worn winders, you can hear the motor working but it won't open the roof, both these jobs aren't major. I know that you'll be thinking "well, if they're not that important why hasn't he fixed them?" but I've just not got around to ordering the handle (£140 brand new from Mercedes) and the sunroof issue never genuinely bothered me.
I've owned seven W211 E-Class and also owned seven AMG's (Three W202 C43's, a W202 C36, a W203 C32, a W215 CL55 and this W211 E55K) and this is the best by far, every Petrolhead should own one of these once in their lifetime, the power is frankly hilarious at times and because the W211 E55 AMG isn't that well known as a car, you can tootle about without young whippersnappers trying to race you (and even if you do rise to the bait, one squeeze of the loud pedal normally sees them off)
If you've got this far in my advert, I'm guessing you're still interested even after all my waffling on, so if you are serious don't be afraid to ask me any questions at all about my car, I will answer with everything with the honesty I'd like when phoning about a car, all I ask is that if I do make arrangements for you to view etc, please keep to them because I am a genuine seller and only ask the same of you.

Price: £7995 ono.
And if anyone wants any of those arty shots of the car where you can't-see-the-bloody-thing-because-it's-shot-in-sepia-but-it-looks-cool-'cause-it's-under-a-lamppost-type shots just let me know and I'll go out in the car at 2 A.M. and do some.
No longer for sale through this forum, it is for sale through Pistonheads though and will be advertised on eBay by the end of the weekend.

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