My W215 CL500


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Jul 28, 2009
Ely, Cambridgeshire
W221 S350L
So after a year of sensible, economic driving, ive decided the Bimmer onezie wasn't for me and it didn't really do anything for me either. With my work being almost 100% based at my new office at home, I have only done 7k in the last 13 months, so I think I can just about justify something a bit thirstier than the BMW.

I've wanted a CL for about 5 years, its always been my favourite Benz and one of my favourite cars full stop, and now im in the position where I can afford to runs and maintain one, it only seemed right to start looking into it a bit more.

After a few weeks of trawling I finally found an example that seemed to tick all the boxes, luckily enough from the same dealer I bought my old E320 CDi from!

So here it is, a 2003 (facelift model) W215 CL500 5.0 V8 with a list of extras as long as my arm including double glazing, extended leather dash, rear roller blind, self levelling suspension, full wood pack, keyless go and a whole load of other things i've not even discovered yet! it also has below average miles which is quite rare for these cars, so thats a bonus too along with the full stamped service book!

Here's a few shots of it after I took collection of it this afternoon:








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