My wheels are ready !!!!!!!

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Feb 25, 2007
E55 wagon
Will just give you a almost happy ending ...

I wanted a set of brabus 20" monoblock S wheels and found a set from a brabus that were factory fitted , did a deal for £700 including tyres .
Bargain ?
First time out on them had to swerve to avoid a car and craked a wheel on curb . Had the wheel repaired locally , two new Pirelli tyres on the front and good to go !!!
Until the next time out ......
Driving along following a truck , a part of the exhaust fell of the truck , I swerved so it went between my front wheels , it then hit my rear air stut , ripping if then hit my back wheels cracking two rims and destroying both tyres .
Fitted new strut , had my wheels repaired and a full strip and powder coat two new Pirelli tyres back tyres and back on the road :)
Next time out .....
Get a puncture on the back , by the time I notice completely shredded the tyre . At the garage one new tyre and they notice a cracked rim , then find cracks in both front wheels and one back . Drive home slowly and on the way home the last back wheel cracked and by the time I stopped had taken the side walls out .
Not being the sort of person who gives in easy my wheel guy decides best thing to do is to strengthen the wheels with a aluminium ring on the inside of the wheels , tig welded on both sides and powder coat them again .
And they are finally ready :) :)
I was really happy until a friend of friend offered me a set of 19" staggered Carlson super lights , with out tyres . Gave him a quick call and he told me to make him an offer and got them for £1000 .
So if any body wants a fully bomb proof set of 20" brabus wheels......
Ever get that "I wish I hadn't bothered" feeling... :rolleyes:

You are one super unlucky lad, hopefully the new wheels bring better luck!

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