NĂĽrburgring, wins and fails

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Oct 18, 2019
Mercedes e55
Some wins and fails. We have an S211 AMG E55 closely following a grey S212 E63. Unfortunately the rear wheels pop off as the W211 went round the bend. đź‘Ť

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Why do some vehicles have their number plates obscured, and some not?
I assume so that if they have a prang then they can claim it happened on the road and not on track, in the hope that their insurer believes them and foots the bill.
There is an 4wd Audi RS6 too at 9:00, it veered off the track on a hard bend.
Why do some vehicles have their number plates obscured, and some not?

If you have a certain sticker in the window (Red dot I believe) they photographers will blur them out.

Eg, if you have rented a car or you simply don't want your privacy put online.

There is a notice inside the ticket cabin across the road from the TF entrance.
Such a cool place the nurburgring. Hope to get some trips in when i get an e63
Ill be going again in Late Aug/Sept for my 4th annual trip. Aiming for a full week there this time:

When I raced, my mate always wanted us to race there in the series we ran in; he had raced there a lot over the years.

I wouldn't do it, too much to go wrong!

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