N/S/R tail lamp advice after rear end shunt.

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Feb 15, 2013
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An elderly lady lost her footing on the accelerator in her Ford S Max. Stationary traffic. Super polite. Apologetic. Exchanged details.

The bumper looks fine. Not a scratch. The light is out of place slightly.

Is this something where I can tighten a screw?
Are these likely to be one time use screws and I am better off replacing the entire lamp?

She said if it’s low cost she will pay out of pocket. Anything more she is content to go through her insurance. I have already been in touch with her insurer.

It was a tap but her front bumper had a huge dent in it and scuffs.

Thanks for any advice.


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I would have the lamp unit taken out and checked for any damage, it may be OK but the other issue may be the seal between the body, if that has been broken water ingress will be a problem.
Thank you. Will check it out in case the costs are likely to be astronomical. Agreed. Water ingress is a concern for me too. With all the heavy rain we have had and a nearby river broke it’s banks.

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