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Same as my sons. George Jesse Woods.
I knew you had a daughter, but didn't realise that you also have three sons: George, Jesse and Woods. ;)
My alias is a coalescence of my initials (TC) and my current Mercedes (C350)
Mine is pretty straightforward & entirely ironic.:
Our username is not our usual "Nom", instead the one we get to choose that clearly identify us, is it not ?


St, because I am "no saint"

& Mark because this is not my Christian name & furthermore I am the epitome of a "No Mark",

and then s because that makes it plural, whilst I'm very much the one & only me.

Obvious choice, eh ! ;)

My best mate when I was 9, started it as it's a version of my surname when shortened (still see him now and then!)

The FAB number plates we have reflect it aswell

He's 'Coops' btw :D
When I joined the forum back in 2007, I tried to set up with my first and surname initials, PW. The forum required at least three letters so for reasons that I think I understood at the time I inserted an X…rather than my actual middle initial
No surprises with mine ..... I collect vintage Pioneer HiFi kit, have done for decades ( I am also Pioneer Collector on a certain audio forum ) and it is my e-mail address ....
I have a Les Paul Junior ;)

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