Narva Range Power Blue H7

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May 22, 2011
2004 Mercedes E270CDI Elegance Saloon, 2004 C200 Kompressor Estate Avantgarde SE Sport Pack
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Had these in my Avensis, and bought a set for my W202.

Problem is as with my Avensis, even on setting 5.. i.e (Lowest) on the headlight adjustment.

I keep getting flashed, they are excellent bulbs truly!

People even stop at roundabouts and get out, thinking I've got my fullbeam on.

But they're perfectly legal!

Any ideas?
Is the headlight level adjustment working? Are you sure 5 is the lowest, not the highest?
Yeah 5 is the lowest, you can see the beam move down... It was the same on my old car... Unless people are just idiots? But surely they wouldn't sell them if they were illegal!

They're a subsidary of Philips too!
Not seated properly (so filament is not in the correct place in relation to the reflector).

Although if it the Avensis was like that as well you'd have to be pretty stupid to get it wrong twice. :devil: Could just be poorly made.

How does the cut off look when you drive up to a wall/garage door
Will it pass an MOT?
The MOT is what I'm concerned about, but then it's only a couple of quid for some bulbs I guess.

Although these were £20 odd quid.

They're definately seated right, they're just hellishly bright :thumb: Good for me, bad for others?

They seem to be particularly bad for Lorry Drivers, i.e it lights up their high vis in the cabin, or it's right in their mirrors leading to alot of *%*! moments.

I doubt they're badly made.
Get your lights adjusted down a bit there cobber. I have H4's in one Cab and they are very good, don't get flashed though!
Not seated properly (so filament is not in the correct place in relation to the reflector).
I put an H7 in upside-down once and it took me ages to work out what was wrong with the beam pattern! Pretty easy to check this.

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