Nasty dust and bird droppings

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Brian 1

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Nov 20, 2015
MB A Class 180d sport
When at my Holliday home in Lincolnshire I get sticky dust, and bird poo on my car, its driving me mad, what's the best way to clean it off so it doesn't scratch,
Please don't say cover it as it's not an option.
Possibly not what you want to hear, but washing it is the safest option.

Baby wipes are good for getting bird poo off, but you will almost certainly need to follow up with QD to get rid of any liquid marks.
Thanks Phil, I thought that would scratch it as the gritty dust will not come off in heavy rain......
Some bird crapped all over the bonnet and roof of my car a few days ago. That's the last time I take her out for a meal. :(
Found a seagull had crapped down the rear wing of my S204 this morning, (big) jug of plain water and a kitchen sponge got rid of it.
Try wiping over with Greased Lightening showroom shine. Lifts dust and grime without scratching, leaving a nice cannuba wax shine..

Softens bird droppings as well.
I keep a box of Autoglym Bird Dropping Wipes in the car for prompt removal of such deposits. For hardened deposits just cover it with the wipe and leave for a few minutes to help soften and lift it. Works every time for me. Worth following up with a proper wash afterwards too.
I keep 12 small bottles of sparkling spring water and a few microfibres in the boot for the bird sh17 seems to work just fine.
Was looking at a antistatic duster thingy from Dunelm the other day for a quick dust remover?

The neighbours probably think it's a bit crazy but a kettle full of hot water usually does the trick. Sometimes do it in two hits to give it time to soften in between, hmmmmm lovely.
If the crap is dry and stuck on, it's best to soften it up.
A warm wet sponge left on the offending matter for a few minutes (or until soft) is a good idea.

If you have a proper air-raid effect on the car, then as Phild said, probably best to wash it.
Can imagine this will be a pain if your car is getting covered by dust and crap almost constantly though.
If this is the case, probably best to wait until your out of the area and then give the car a good cleaning down.
Crap should be addressed immediately though.

As for the dust.
Depends on the volume of dust.
It is possible to wipe the car down with some micro fibres and a good detailing spray, but you really need to have a well-prepped surface to be able to utilise this method.
Lots of ideas, thanks guy's.....

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