Nationwide Breakdown Cover

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Jun 18, 2010
Sussex and Tuscany
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I just thought I would post my recent experience of using the Nationwide European breakdown service that comes with the Flexplus account. Very few breakdown services will cover old cars such as our 1995 S124 outside the Uk
Yesterday it lost drive having dumped all the transmission fluid onto the road. This in a less populous area of Tuscany. Never used the service before so not sure what to expect. Call the UK number who take the details very efficiently. Call will be passed to European centre. Few minutes later get a call from the French control centre. They ask pretty much the same questions. Agree it is not a roadside fix and say Italian service will be in touch to organise recovery. Within ten minutes the Italians(GOBBO) are on the phone. Similar questions and similar response. They have already found an officina 30km away who can take on the work and specialises in older cars. They book a time for the recovery truck and organise a taxi to take me to Pisa airport to collect a hire car. Recovery truck arrives a few minutes early and the taxi exactly on time. Later that day a call from French team to check everything has progressed as expected. This morning a further call from the French team. Diagnosed oil cooler pipe ruptured - pretty much as expected. 220 euros to replace including new transmission fluid. Do i want to go ahead? Will be ready Wednesday. Hire car extended until then. They will arrange delivery etc
In summary I am really impressed. Great service and hassle free so far.
So if any of you are wondering if the Flexplus account fee is worth it the answer is a definite yes if you have an old car that you use on the continent.
That sounds like it couldn’t have gone any smoother. 👍
Who said that the EU doesn't work? :D
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Glad you had a good experience!
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That’s great to know I’ve got the same cover :)
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I was expecting all sorts of issues especially with the Italians but they really were excellent. They even had the latest recovery truck that lowered the load bed down to the road at the rear.
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Sounds like as good an experience as you could expect in what was an unfortunate time.
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Just a quick update. They have now blotted their copybook. Expecting a phone call this afternoon to say it was ready. Instead a very apologetic call from the French control centre. They had forgotten to instruct the mechanic to go ahead with the repairs! New target date of Friday afternoon. Car hire extended once again.
Final update. Normal Italian service is resumed. Phone call this morning at 0945 to say its ready. Collect by noon please. Arrive at 1045 to find a note saying closed for holidays! Car is in the road outside. Fortunately there is an emergency number so give this a go. Good test of my fairly basic Italian. The owner send someone down to open up and sort out payment etc. Cant get the card machine to start! Luckily I had enough cash with me. Is there a discount for cash? Answer No but it costs more if you want a receipt!
On a positive note the car if fine. Gearbox changes smoothly and appears to have the correct fluid in it. They did have a battered W129 in the workshop so are possibly used to old Mercedes
Answer No but it costs more if you want a receipt!

I see Italian tax evasion continues despite Italian Government efforts
I see Italian tax evasion continues despite Italian Government efforts
Nothing has changed. The government is trying to bribe people to use electronic payments but the number of "faulty" card machines seems to multiply every day.

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