NAVI personal POI icons for C0MAND

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Oct 15, 2016
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Hello folks,

Do you know the Daimler/Mercedes IconId (POI icon) numbers for COMAND?

Ideally, I'm looking for a spec sheet for their vpx XML extensions which includes the icon number codes.

The standard speed camera IconId is "6". The trouble is all the sets of POIs (WiFi, etc) are all using the same number "6", so on NAVI all personal POIs look like speed cameras.

* I'm going to test numbers 1-18 with COMAND tomorrow after creating a custom gpx file with them all in, to determine what is what. I heard that numbers 1-17 are well known, but on public forums and internet, I think not. What other numbers and string codes are the that COMMAND will understand and can be rendered in NAVI ?
* I'm using POI data from the GPS data team.

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You seem to understand more about this than most of us.

If you find out how us poor buggers with W213 comand systems (often called NTG5.5 I believe) as found in the new E class can actually load safety camera info, it would be appreciated by a lot of us.
I've just put this on my W212 & it works a treat. Turned the audio warning off as it was going off every 5 mins. Worth the £20pa in my opinion.
After researching online and testing my car's Satnav, I've put the results, howto and resources in a blog post as it's rather long and generic to, potentially, all MB owners with built in MB satnav.

I'm still interested in adding a small number of relevant POI icons to the set that MB provides, in the main because NAVI does not have explanatory text whilst you are driving towards them. Will update here - my original ask - if I find out how to do this.

Personally, I gave the GPS Data Team POIs a try, as they cover all kinds of traffic cameras and have some useful other POIs (Restaurants, Tourist spots etc) in old and new MB GPX formats. And only £4 one-off fee.

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And us poor buggers with W213 Comand?
The official line at one of the POI providers didn't hold out much hope :-(

If I had a W213 I'd be on to the main dealer I bought it from or, if not, a helpful one or MB UK. Have you called MB UK customer services?

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And us poor buggers with W213 Comand?

The whole sat nav system , given the screen size, is a joke imo, with things like this a distant second place in terms of annoyance, compared to how slow the system is, how it's not possible to review the route turn by turn, how badly traffic is used (in terms of changing the route without showing you the diversion and changing its mind every minute), how bloody hard it is to see the traffic status on the roads (what was wrong with the red and orange car icons, they were fantastically clear and easy to spot at a glance, i have trouble spotting amber traffic or even red traffic on the map of I sit stating at the thing now. And where is the turn instruction for the second upcoming manoeuvre. All that screen real estate and you can't fit more than 1 arrow/turn sign in? It's embarrassingly poor. Looks gorgeous, but its merely skin deep. Not that I'm bitter!:D
I'm still looking for info on how to invoke the inbuilt POI icons that COMMAND/NAVI uses for its own POIs. Here are images of the POI icons that users (ie car owners) can invoke with the appropriate IconId for each one.
If you want to use them and don't know how you just road the number assigned to reach POI in the GPX file with the number of the Icon you want. If you'd like further details see my blog post or ping me.
(Photos taken on my W222 NTG 5.something)

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Sorry to resurrect an old thread. But does anyone know how to load POI on the 2020 version of command online?

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