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Nov 20, 2019
GLE 350 2016
I have recently been quoted £130 for an Nav update on my 2016 GLE Command 20 system, is there any way I can get this at a more reasonable price
Have you tried eBay, you might get a cheaper quote if you know the part number.
Plenty on ebay for £40 - £50, but if you have live traffic, you will lose it.
(I'm assuming you mean Audio 20, not COMAND)
Yes thanks, Audio 20 on command system but been told by mb that nav update download is only by plug in at mb garage
Maps updates for COMAND navigation are carried-out by downloading the maps to a USB stick or SD-Card, then uploading it into the internal hard disk drive in the car.

Maps updates for Garmin Map Pilot on Audio20 are carried-out by purchasing the software and maps together a new SD-Card. The Audio20 does not have an internal hard disk drive, instead the Navigation software and the maps remain on the SD-card and run from there.

So the first thing to do is check whether you have COMAND Navigation, or Garmin Map Pilot on Audio20?

When the car starts, does the message on the screen say 'Don't let COMAND distract you...' or 'Don't let the system distract you...'?

If the former, you have COMANdD. If the latter, you have Audio20.

Also, in either case you can also update the firmware, i.e. the software on the unit itself (not the maps data), but this needs to be done by the dealer. The new firmware itself is free, but the dealer will charge for labour based on how long it takes.
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Thanks Markjay
It says Comand, so please can you tell me in layman’s terms what I can do to update
The link for the MB maps downloader software can be found in post #59 by AMGJames.
Have you thought about integrating Apple car play then you can use Waze or google maps
I tend to use Waze now if going on a long run, it tells you of any police activity, i.e. mobile speed cameras, on your route. these are normally live updates from other users, it even tells you if potholes have been reported ahead of you.
I agree with you on Waze, I did a 450 mile journey yesterday and was warned well ahead of police pot holes obstructions ahead etc .....brilliant
I suppose that the reason that Waze knows about all these events, if thanks to 'passengers' (ahmm...) who update the app in real-time.... :doh:
Plenty on ebay for £40 - £50, but if you have live traffic, you will lose it.
(I'm assuming you mean Audio 20, not COMAND)

I got an ebay one for £25. It still has the live traffic running. It seems to know when roads are closed and its more accurate than my previous Comand system. Diverts accordingly and it has done reasonably well.

Last week the A63 was partially closed, the nav knew and knew which exit to take me off on and thats precisely where the cones had been put up

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