Need a new key PKE and push button start

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Jun 28, 2023
My Mercedes A209 has a start bottom on the gear selector. The round coil in the middle of the fob has a crack in it a won’t work.

I only have one key now that performs this function. The key is the old style black one part number I believe is 567912051. It is fairly generic to Mercs from the early 2000’s. My Merc is 2005. Any plain black key should work I have bought three so far none have the coil. The round coil I the middle of the image has been damaged. I’m hoping to get a donor key.
I have driven to London Birmingham and Devon so far. Each place saying that they can fix my key but haven’t managed to
I have called all over the country, even a Merc dealership and no one seems to be able to get the plain old black key that will do keyless start. The chrome type (supplied by Mercedes at great expense)will unlock and start the car in the EIS But no keyless function Mercedes say they no longer stock the 567912051. Can anyone tell me where I can get one with a board that looks like this with the black circle in the middle. That’s the keyless start inductive coil?

Oh and it’s 433Mhz European spec not 315Mhz, though I do believe if you remove a resistor IMG_0360.jpeg

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