Need help - steering geometry fixing in/near Rotterdam

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Jul 20, 2011
911 Turbo
Bad start to our germany tour this evening :(

Nearing the ferry port in Hull and swerved to avoid a lump of wood in the road. Unfortunately I swiped the kerb pretty hard, so hard the roll bars popped up.

My front tyre is toast, still inflated but with chunks missing out of it. The wheel may also be scrap, very bad section of rim damage. The steering definitely has suffered, car pulling in all directions, steering wheel is at least 20 degrees out from its usual centre position.

I need to get the car looked at when I get off the ferry in the morning at Rotterdam. We are headed to Cologne tomorrow but I don't want to drive until the car is sorted (and on a Saturday).

My plan at the moment is to use Comand to locate the nearest MB dealer and have them look at it. If anybpdy has any suggestions or reccomendations they would be appreciated.

Excuse me if I don't reply as i'm on the phone and I think i'll lose the signal later wheb sailing.
Sorry to hear this Pete.

I'm sure the port authorities or even the guys who off-load the trailers from the boat will be able to point you in the right direction.

Hope it works out OK for you.

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