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Jul 25, 2003
Sydney, Australia
'88 W124 230TE
G'dday Mates
Need some advice on my lovely old car! She is a '88 W124 230TE, 240K+ on the clock. She has been running well all this while until she developed following probs:
a. Auxillary (Air Con) Fan: Running on all the time even with the engine switched off. Checked fuses-all OK and changed relays but it still continues on.

b. Rear running light (drivers side) functioning erratically. Changed the sleeves and new original MB bulbs but no improvement. Checked with multimeter when it's not functioning, no current flowing even at the junction box in the compartment. Is it the main light switch faulty? Coz sometimes it will light-up and at other times it just refuses to.

Hope anyone can shed some advice on how to deal with it.:)

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