Need some help with standard springs.

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Oct 24, 2006
Bournemouth or France
S203 220CDI.
Car: S202 C250TD. Elegance spec. Sitting a bit low after a lifetime of speedbumps, I expect.
Problem: Owner is a soft old git who doesn't want lower springs.
I have tried to find the correct spring from the VIN but the catalogues only list springs for the sportier chassis. I want comfort so I need to know the part numbers or specifications for the original springs or the length and wire diameter of the original fitment.
Does anybody know how to find out given a VIN of WDB2021882f697 four five zero, Please?
Have you tried the dealership parts dept? It's the only sure way of getting the correct spec. The price might not be as high as you think..
Part nos I have for SACHS
classic elegance std chassis non reinforced non self leveling part no 996 542
length 348mm xsection 13.75mm diameter 100mm

re-inforced version non self leveling ----- part no 996544
length 351mm xsection14.1mm diameter 100mm

self leveling ------- part no 996543

length 322mm xsection 12.8 diameter 98mm
There should be options for sport/esprit/classic and then another option for elegance.

Obviously engine dependant also, are the spring cups ok? Lower arm bushes ok? All this can effect ride height.
The MB spring is A 202 324 24 04, which corresponds to Sachs 996 542 as given by Grober above.

By the way, ZF webcat distinguishes Sachs spring versions as 'Classic/Elegance' and 'Sport/Esprit'.

The ride height is also determined by the rubber spring cup that sits on top of the coil spring. Maybe these have deteriorated over time as well? They come in 4 thicknesses (5,9,13 and 17 mm from memory). The standard one for your car is A 210 325 02 84 (9mm).

If you would like a pdf of the EPC spring calculation table for your car, just PM me your email address. I seem to lose formatting if I try and include it in a post.
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Thank you all very much. Springs and dampers on order together with rear and front arm kits, discs and pads, rear subframe mounting bushes, lower balljoints and a drag link. I want this to be the last car I build and have decided that it needs to stay for five years so it will all be done together.

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