Need some thought's on my problem ntg 4.7 dash display screen

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Feb 10, 2022
Canterbury, Kent
cla220 cdi amg sport
So today i was in the passenger footwell fuse box (cla220 2014 uk) basically looking for suitable locations for fuse taps for a dashcam. Fuse 110 listed as 30A for radio comand controller unit and engine sound control unit, I tested the exposed tops of the fuse to see if it was a perma live and sure enough it was. Next i pulled the fuse to see which side was the live side and the shoved the fuse back in now my comand display screen is not showing anything it stays black, i have sound from the radio but cannot see anything.

I have an apple/android kit installed

this has been in the car roughly 12mth installed by myself and working fine while i was fiddlin with this fuse guess my system would of been connected to carplay even though the radio was off at the time i pulled the fuse. The mmi kit is not responding and i cannot find it via bluetooth. What i am thinking is i will have to strip my setup back to original by pulling the mmi kit out so i can then see if the display is working

would me pulling that fuse cause my setup to loose it's paired bluetooth devices? is there a fuse for bluetooth?

Has anyone any thought's or ideas of what else i could of done to cause this? i will not be able to work on it till wednesday my next day off.

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