New 2010 CLS350 owner from Gloucester - a Hello and some questions!

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Jul 9, 2021
2010 CLS350 Grand edition
Good morning all! I am a new 2010 CLS350 owner, have had a fab time reading this forum and I am delighted to join. Never had a MB before, but always wanted one, and now I have one!
I picked up my car - took a punt really - for just over 5k on trade terms, I am loving it. I have discovered and fixed a few things, but I have a few questions, please direct me to the correct place if this isn't it (and apologies if so!))

1 - The battery in the car was the wrong one - too tall, not long enough and bodged to reach the terminal - was a 10 year old merc battery though!. That's now gone and replaced with a proper sized and powered varta. Resynced steering and windows etc.
2 - the front passenger side fog light was simply hanging down loose - no housing etc - ordered a salvaged replacement but...
3 - ...thats just the start! the front drivers side has the correct xenon halogen housing etc, which has now been changed (what a bugger that was!! I gave up after 2 hours and took it to halfords, stomached the cost of their xenon and £8 fitting fee and they did it, took them a long time mind!) but the opposite side has a standard bulb! the correct housing is not there!! clearly, someone changed it for an older type. That explains why the "active light function" is broken! crazy. So I put a very bright high end bulb in there for now and ill have to try and source the correct halogen xenon. Changed all the other bulbs.
4 - Ordered 4 new tyres - F1's - non runflats - Saturday installation - ordered a used space saver. Hoping that will solve the poor/ropey/shakey handling and low rev judder - all 4 current tyres are different, and 2 of them bald. Also, im sure they are currently a mix of RFT and non RFT!!
5 - I ran my cheapo code reader on it this morning - in an effort to clear/reset the AC as it just blinks red when I press it. Nothing came up on AC (due to be re-gassed this afternoon so should tell me some more) but two errors did show - no warnings on dash etc. They were P0135 02 sensor heater circuit bank 1 sensor 1 and P0130 02 sensor circuit bank 1 sensor 1. Any ideas?
6 - is one opf these a worthwhile investment ( iCarsoft MB V1.0 For Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Diagnostic Scanner Code Reader Tool | eBay ), or is my current (D900 OBD2 EOBD2 Code Scanner Auto Check Fault Code Live PCM Data Diagnostic Engine Tool for Multi-Brand Cars : Automotive) good enough? it didn't pick up any AC issues for example when there is clearly an AC issue, nor the active lught function problem.

other than that - loving the car! Not sure about the black AMG wheels, especially as one is missing the merc logo in the center (ordered a replacement set from ebay for 20)

Looking forward to getting to know the car and you guys!

best wishes,

pics for anyone interested


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