New ATi card, stops PC from Booting?

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May 21, 2003
Ive just bought a new Radeon 9800 pro.

I have downloaded the drivers etc, but when I connected the card to the AGP port, and switched the PC on, it doesnt do anything, apart from powering up the fans and the power lights.

Im thinking this has somthing to do with how the power cable is connected, im running it in a chain from one of my CDR drives.

Is this right?

Before I had a GeForce MX400 and I havent removed the drivers? would this effect it? if so, where do I get the correct driver to 'see' the card?
You should definately have removed the Geforce drivers before you installed the new card. Your PC will be more than a little confused but from your description it doesn't appear that the machine is even trying to boot up.
Could be that you have dislodged something when fitting your card??

Normal procedure when fitting a new graphics card is uninstall your old driver.

Shut down.

Install new card then power up.

The PC should detect your new card and request the drivers which you should have been provided with on a CD.

Where did you download the driver from? Some of the drivers provided can be beta versions and may be best avoided.

I have a 9800XT and you will be amazed at the difference from your old card, as and when you get the thing running :)
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It cant be the drivers, because the PC wont even load up the BIOS :(
Definately sounds like you have dislodged something. Or fried something with static although that is unlikely.

Try reseating all your cards, memory and power cables.

Could also be that the card requires more power than your shared cable can provide. What have you used all the other power connectors on? I have loads spare.
I have a 400watt PSU, and I have tried it with just itself on its own cable, and still nothing.

I have heard reports of some chipsets not working with it :(
have you got any cards in the PCI slot next to the AGP slot? could well be a resource problem but that shouldn't stop the computer starting.

My checklist would start by putting the old card back in and see if the computer starts then. If it does then I'd tale the ATI card back to the shop and tell them you suspect it is faulty.


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