new c class audio 20 v burmester

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Nov 28, 2014
glk 220cdi 4matic
Am about to order a new c class estate but not sure if the standard audio 20 is ok or if I need to upgrade to the burmester at a cost of 1000 euros.....
Reports on the american forums indicate the audio 20 in the 205 is not as good as in the 204. I currently have a glk x204 with the standard audio 20 which is very good. My home set up is top end as I am a music lover and whilst I appreciate the limitations of a car as an environment for good sound I do want something that is of reasonable quality. Surround sound does not excite me.....but good clarity, bass response and lack of colouration is important. So I would welcome the views of new c class owners and those who have taken a specific interest in the sound system when test driving.
I am hoping for an extended test drive before ordering having already had the standard test drive in both an estate and saloon, one on springs the other on airmatic, but the cars handling and feel was the focus and we did not pay much attention to the infotainment system at the time.
I had a S205 on loan for a day and can confirm that the standard setup is unimpressive, it's markedly worse thanks my S204.

My money would go on the AMG Line, which includes Burmester.
Thanks for responding. Think we need to spec up then. Will push for some time to test it out.
Am in france and all the packages are completly different to the uk. One nice thing is that we can have the old fashioned grille and star on the bonnet and also 4matic but boy are prices higher here!
You do not need to go for the AMG line to get Burmeister in the UK.

It comes as part of the premium plus package OR you can get it as a standalone feature. You can get it in the Sport and the AMG. I'm not sure about the baseline model but the online config tool on the website will soon tell you.

Just adding AMG does *not* get you the Burmeister as far as I can recall (I ordered my 205 in October, I have a Sport and I have Burmeister).

I didn't a/b it with the stock speakers. I just ordered it :) It's very, very good but I do have mine going back in due to a rattle on the speaker on the left front door. I had the B&O system in my previous Audi A4 which was also very good but, rattler aside, this is slightly better.
No Burmester on the AMG Line £675 option

The Audio 20 is pants, DAB reception is awful
Quite good and with crisp and clear sounds coming through it's amazing. Never heard some instruments am hearing these days with the Surround system in the Burmester.
My w204 was good and I drove a 220 SE w205 and the audio was awful really! Am glad I took the Prem Plus package with Burmester!
However I did hear the audio on a CLA 220 2014 and it was badass too, so it's quite weird..

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