New C estate (08), 90 thousand km, 23.000 EURO, is it worth it?

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Jul 20, 2009
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What do you guys think? There is one nice Elegance estate in Germany, pretty good options too (leather, electric heated seats...), but it has already 90.000 km done. With price of 23.000 euro, it is not cheap. But I so much want one:eek:. We do something like 30k miles/year. Should I buy it or wait until next year for better km/price ratio?

Thanx very much for your comments,
The price will be tough for UK people to judge as used car prices are higher in the rest of Europe than in the UK.
In the UK its not worth that, but used prices are higher in Germany as Rory said.

90,000km is a hell of a big mileage for such a new car, what would it have been used for? For UK people thats 56,000 miles, i.e. about 5 years worth of use.

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