new C250 Final order details

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Nov 18, 2016

I have finally decided to buy a new C250


C250D AMG Salloon:
Obsidian black metallic
Premium plus
Driving assistance pack
Air balance pack
Night package (18') .

I am giving my existing car away at the end of December.

The dealer called me today and said that there would be some extra time as there is a problem with the 18' and the night package so I should expect this the second week of April 2017

He said that If I order the 19' inch wheels night package I would be able to have the car in January instead,

I have explained that I am not very keen as it would mean a harder ride and probably more expensive tyres (any idea how much more per tyre btw?) .. the dealer suggested to add airmatic with it to compensate for the ride (with a total added cost for both of £1350).

I tried to find an airmatic car to drive initially but was not able to get a holdof one so I have driven an exact model like the one that I am buying and I was happy with the overall ride to be honest.

I was also reading that airmatic means more expensive repairs in case that something goes wrong ? is that true ?(planning to keep the car for 10+ years)

I called the dealer and asked him to proceed with the order as is (keep the 18'inch and not add airmatic) ,however I still have time to change my mind and I wanted to see what you guys think?

I'd go for the 19's and get the car 3 months sooner.

The car has agility select as standard so you can adjust the ride to some degree (I think)

Sounds a great spec. Look forward to seeing it.

Sounds like a very nice car. I'm toying with they idea of part ex'ing my current 204 estate for the S205 at the moment and have been looking at precisely at 250D. Do they all come with AMG pack to the UK these days or is it an option? Wouldn't mind saving a few quid and go plain Jane. Let us know how you're getting on with your order.
I've got 19 in wheels on mine, I'm now running on 17in winter wheels and to be honest I haven't noticed any difference in ride quality.
I've got normal suspension on a c class coupe w205. I'd go for the 19in and have it earlier.
I have a new c250d on 19's and I can honestly say I haven't felt the ride to be harsh in anyway, and in my opinion the car sits slightly better on 19's given it a more appeasing look to the eye. If it meant getting the car three months earlier it would be a no brainier for me!

I came from a standard suspension E Class with 16 inch wheels to AMG line suspension and was concerned about the ride quality.

I too had the personal debate between 18 and 19 with airmatic suspension.

When I enquired about airmatic with the dealer the sales said it's prone to have reliability issues if keeping the car for a long time, I took his word if he wasn't confident in selling it to me. (Had E Class for 12.5 years, and an Audi for 11 years, and intend to keep my C for 15 years). Airmatic is fine for periods that most people keep their cars.

I had a demonstrator for a day and a half on 19 wheels, and it seemed OK, just a little firm (from my perception) due to the stiffer side walls of the run flat tyres. The 18 wheels are not run flats and a little more compliant, ride seems more supple, and 'nearly' like my E Class.

My neighbour has 19 inch and the only bad thing he can say about the car is the stiff ride and noisy tyres on motorway (his perception). He is on run flats. I suggested he change his tyres to standard tyres to see if that makes a difference.

As I'm the driver or front passenger for time to time I assumed my 18 wheels were quite comfy, UNTIL I sat in the back. In the back it is quite firm due to the different sized rear tyres - and is more jarring. So the 19's on run flats may be more so in the rear. Not a huge consideration if you don't have rear passengers, but if you regularly have them or kids then it may be something to consider.
Hi Guys - I changed my run flats (I'm on 19') to normal tyres - went for Michelin Sports and then have just changed for Uniroyal Rain tyres (very cheap) and very good tyres for the money over the winter - tread is akin to winter tyres so not worried about the pending snow.

Cheers all...... RS
I'd wait for the new reg in April and go for you spec you decided on. Having said that, my wait of about 11 weeks for my gle, seemed like 11 yrs.
I'd wait for the new reg in April and go for you spec you decided on. Having said that, my wait of about 11 weeks for my gle, seemed like 11 yrs.

Why deny yourself a pleasure of driving the car? The hunt for newer reg plate stopped making any sense with leasing becoming now the way most people buy cars.

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