New car and new the the forums!

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Dec 29, 2016
Chandler's Ford, Hampshire
CLK55 w209
Hello All,

I've owned my 2003 CLK55 for just over 2 months now and I am loving every minute!

I graduated from university earlier this year and thought I would treat myself to a nice car to commute to my new job. I've always been one for rarer things so I thought I would try something other than the M3's, Nissan's and "pocket rockets" most people my age (21) seem to buy, and went for a CLK55.

I was surprised at how reasonable these are and hadn't even considered an AMG but I'm so glad I went for it!

I've already had the gearbox oil replaced, new rear discs/pads and new tyres all round. It looks like most of the front suspension arms have been replaced recently too, so i'll probably do the rear next.

What else should I look at replacing? It's just ticked over 90k miles so anything that I should look out for?

I'm sure I'll be posting in a fair few other threads so treat me as a newbie to pretty much everything MB and AMG related :D

Congrats and only 21. :thumb:

You've come to the right place, there's plenty of AMG owners here with knowledge to spare and always seem willing to assist.
Welcome to the forum Alex. You are in an enviable position to own a V8 Mercedes at 21. Well done. You are also fortunate having two excellent indies nearby to take care of your 55.
MBS in Woolston and PCS in Horndean are the garages in case you didn't know.
Hello and welcome to the site Alex. Great intro & car. Post a few pics when you get the chance.

Thanks for the welcomes!

I'm sure I've got some pictures from before all the rain and salt, it doesn't stay clean for long these days :/

I'll keep those garages in mind for the future, I used Hampshire Service Centre in Andover for the gearbox oil change. Brilliant service and good prices.
Hello and welcome to you.

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