New Car: Pics and first thoughts

Discussion in 'Members Gallery' started by Harrythedog, Apr 26, 2014.

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    May 8, 2011
    S212 350 BE Sport

    First real chance of a drive today so toddled off and did a 100 or so miles. The cabin without a doubt does not feel as luxurious as the old S211 (with it's cream Nappa and wood effect) but is certainly very efficient and much quieter although the sport seats will need a bit of getting used to. That said cruising at 70mph was very comfortable and the car seemed to waft along.

    Now the old car (320cdi) had been remapped and had a fair bit of poke but this thing is a different beast all together, I love it!. At one point in no time at all and without any real effort I was nudging the ton ( I mean weight officer), only realising when I checked the speedo reading as I couldn't really tell by the handling of the car as it was so smooth.

    Tried Distronic Plus for the first time and after being a bit sceptical about putting my trust in it found it very pleasant but will need a bit more confidence to use it on a more regular basis. Love the Blind Spot Assist.
    Economy showed 42mpg for the 103 mile trip which is fine as my previous couple of mile town journeys were showing 17-20 mpg so all looks well on that score.
    One miss is that there appears to be no where to rest my right arm so, along with the seats, there'll have to be a little bit of personal adjustment there.

    All in all love the car and its certainly a different beast from the S211
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