New CLS interior colours ?

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May 8, 2006
CLS350 CDI sport
The CLS is being launched with some subtle changes including a 9 speed auto, all LED lights, an 8 inch screen I shall be ordering one this summer but am trying to find out what colour options exist inside (and out for that matter, as white seems more common now )

There are apparently 5 choices from what I read. I'm hoping for a nice red, or porcelain white. Some pics suggest the latter .

My dealer seems to have very limited info, although he does have a build slot for white and black leather. I was hoping to be a little more adventurous.

Any info you have would be welcome .

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Head over to autoebid or similar. When you configure your car you will see interior options (but no pics).
It'll also give you a good starting point when discussing price with your dealer - big discounts available on CLS :)
I've done this for the last two cars I've bought.

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