New DIY resource forum + online EPC!!

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Jun 22, 2003
Perth, Scotland
The American "Mercedesshop" website forum has started a new DIY FORUM this is in addition to its wiki diy section. Looks good on first inspection. Clicking on the various primary posts reveals a list of relevant diy posts with pics. check it out. ;) the first post lists a russian electronic EPC on line! ;) To get this to work you must use Internet Explorer not Firefox!! ;)
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Works for me :D , Gem of a find. :)

Note to everyone, give this man a rep :bannana:
Use Microsoft Explorer

Thanks Ian glad you liked it! :D :D

Note:- this doesnt work with FIREFOX only with Microsoft EXPLORER :eek:
Check out the vin number thingy!!
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I have just found that Guy Dewdney posted a similar URL in the FAVOURITES section a couple of days back.
Guy sorry didnt spot this till today. You got there first. Respect!
Great site for everyone on the forum tho! HOWS YOUR RUSSIAN!

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