New E Class Reliability

Have you broke down or went into limp home Petrol/Diesel

  • Breakdown or limp home with diesel

    Votes: 4 18.2%
  • Breakdown or limp home with petrol

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Trouble free with diesel

    Votes: 15 68.2%
  • Trouble free with petrol

    Votes: 3 13.6%

  • Total voters
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Jun 1, 2003
09 E320 cdi Sport Estate, 98 E300TD Estate, 99 SL 500

On my way home this evening on the motorway i spotted a new E class being attended to by an RAC man, and it ocurred to me that these cars seem to be breaking down a lot. I have heard of problems with the CDI engines etc.

If you have broke down or went into limp home mode in the new E Class or if you have not please vote or let us hear of your problems or pleasure with the car.

My E220CDI car went in for a 2nd service at 30K (18 Months) on Tuesday. There were a few service recalls that needed to be done including Comand software upgrades and other minor things ( a total of 7!) but one was to check the injectors. I was not informed of this before getting to the dealer but had to sign a seperate form to authorise the checks.

My injectors are OK but apparently there is a recall check on them and if a fault was found it was 10 hours of labour to change them. So it seems there may have been an identified issue, I didnt get any more details. It seems that MB are checking the vehicles when they come into the dealerships for routine work.

PS the level of service was really amazing, all this bad press on dealerships seems to be focusing their minds. Even got a call from MB Headoffice in Milton Keynes yesterday to see if everything was fine with the service! With this level of service if I did have a problem I dont think I would be to upset!
Limp home is different to breaking down, it will get you home and not leave you stranded. In my case restarting the engine cured it too, so it wasn't really an issue. Mine has never broken down.
Sadly broke down last week - and ye it was the injectors. The car had become more slow to start and I really should have done something earlier - I didn't becasue others had experienced the same thing (only they didn't break down).

Frightening to think that there is a problem. I am sure that Marc has not put any 'additive' into his fuel, but this certainly highlights a problem for any one that has.

This is my fourth CDI powered vehicle (not including the V-class we owned for four weeks) and the engines have been (close your ears Mr Murphy) perfect.

Good morning to everyone,
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Well on our s320cdi, we have had so many problems with limp home mode.
The car seemed to go into it 50% of the time we stared a journey. You have to stop the car restart and go through the gears, which resets a gearbox fault. Went into a MB garage 5 times for them to fix the fault, turned out to be a sticky valve on the turbo manifold. Not sure if their reason is true, but its fixed the fault at long last. Driving to switzerland stuck in 4th is not much fun, had to keep resetting it to get upto a " :rolleyes: reasonable speed"
No problems so far. :D At 21000 miles.

But we are perhaps all tempting providence by saying no. :( :(
6 months, 15k miles - not a squeak, rattle or moan. Best car I've ever had - so far.

Also, bud has S320 CDI (which I assume is the same engine as E320 CDI) - exactly the same experience.

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