new guy from Hayes with some problems with clk320

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Jul 3, 2012
320 clk
hi guys,

comming from a fast 500 plus japanese car, managed to get the clk 320 and i have fallen in love with it, dont even miss the power. all that money i spent on my old car i could have got a extremely fast merc lol.

anyway ive got some problems...

1) engine rough on idle slightly, car shakes a bit hardly noticable
2) says i need 1 litre oil, what oik do i put? thinking of just getting fresh oil in there first, how many litres do i need? when i checked oil on cold was quite low.
3) heater fans not working at all, where are the fuses and other things to look out for
4) boot lid doesnt work without key, light on button stays on.
5) gearbox seems lazy not sure if this is normal never driven a auto merc before, maybe clutch or something is wearing out?
6) best place to get service kit, or anyone thatll do a cheap job.
7) advice on sparks plugs etc.
8) want to fit a cd player easy fit? do i need a adaptor?

appreciate your help guys.

feel weird being on a new forum, all those years i had with my previous forum, and already feel at home.
Welcome. I'm sure it won't be long before the clever guys here give you some answers.

What is the age, mileage and service history?

The car has 12 spark plugs, 2 per cylinder, changing these may give you a smoother idle or it could be the MAF.

Oil capacity is 8 litres, check your handbook for approved types. If the computer asks for a litre try adding half that and then re-check.

There are fuses at the end of the dashboard on the drivers side and alsoI think in the boot, again your handbook will tell you.

The gearbox does adapt to differing driving styles but it may be worth checking the level and also think of getting the fluid changed if the history is unknown. There is usally no dipstick fitted.

Ideally find a good MB specialist, Prestige Car Services of Horndean is not that far away and Olly is very highly respected, Best to let someone who knows the car check it over.

There should be a radio / CD in the dashboard, to fit a multichanger needs a compatible unit and cable. Aftermarket units can be fitted but again expert advice is useful
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Hi and welcome,

use only fully synthetic oil
heater fans pack up (common fault) brushes wear out,can be bought on ebay for about £5
do a search on heater fan,many post's and remedies.
as for your other problems,could be a multitude of things,best to get codes read on star diagnostics,consult with a merc independent specialist.
Hi and welcome to you.:thumb:

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