New (ish) wheels for the SLK

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They look a lot better than the ones in the first photo, well done. They also look like 16's, would love a test ride for comparison with my SLK280 on 17's!

Yes they are 16's 8j on the rear with 7.5j on the front. No noticeable ride difference other than the power steering feels a shade heavier which is not a bad thing. Nr Canterbury so your welcome to test at some point.
Sbeyantgb I changes from 17 to 16 inch on my CLK, very little difference in ride. 205 front tyres less likely to aquaplane.
Tyres are around 30% cheaper and last longer. Was the change worth it, probably not unless all the 17 inch tyres are worn out and you can pick up some very cheap 16 inch wheels
Nice. I'm usually a bit sceptical about putting newer wheels on an older model, but those are certainly an improvement.

A great looking car.
That’s a great improvement. The first set could now be your winter wheels:thumb:

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