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May 21, 2003
I rarely post good news, mainly moans and rants, but I finally have some good news!

I have been in my current job since 2001, waaaay to long for anyone to be in the same role IMO :( Although I did enjoy the job It has been getting to me in a big way stuck in a rutt.

This morning I had an interview - and got the job!

Such a relief to finally move on from the previous role :bannana: :bannana:

Here's to earning my 1st million ;)

Edit: Just read that Shude has had an interview, good luck m8!
congrats dude :)
Nice one! :rock: :rock:
Well Done... !
Nice one Karl, well done! :bannana: :bannana:
Wooooooo Hooooooooooo

What you going to be doing? I think I need to move on, but scared! :crazy: Probably need a recruitment advisor/consultant who cares about me and not the other way around. Rare beasts though!
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nice one, best of luck!
Thanks guys! - Best thing I have done for years! Gollom do it, I was terrified after all that time :(

The job is for the same company, but in a different dept :D
Well done sir!

I am currently waiting for feedback for the interview I had yesterday, which I think went pretty well but I'm hopeless at guessing these things, it usually goes the opposite way to my prediction!
Shude;646591 but I'm hopeless at guessing these things said:
Don't do it.... do the interview, send in the forms / applications, then forget all about it.......half of them don't bother to contact you if it's bad news anyway.

Good luck though !
I'm too on the pile..... I'm also waitin on 3 decisions...... I'm not the most patient person in the world....COME ON CALL!!!!!

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