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Nov 7, 2023
Mk1 Golf Gti turbo
Hi there

Having an on going issue with my 312D 4x4, since ownership 2+yrs has had an intermittent fault limp!

Initially I would just turn it off and on again and get full power back, it could go all day 250 miles and not go limp but other times would start in limp, no light on dash or tell tale signs smoke juddering etc! For this past 12 months/3000 miles been constantly stuck in limp-struggle to get to 55mph!

Changed no.1 injector brand new Merc dealer £370
Air flow meter both transducers under bonnet Map boost sensor air sensor and new turbo and EGR all filters new rad and glow plugs, the fuc!ing thing still going same speed!

Had 2/3 independent garages try read ECU but they say same thing won’t talk to it!

I think it’s fuel being limited for some reason??

The ABS light doesn’t come on the dash either!!! Might be disconnected!

Heard of DieselMeken in Sweden getting away with the VE electronic pump system, anybody got anymore details or help for me please?

Prepared to go Stand-alone ECU or engine out and OM606 in!



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