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Apr 7, 2023
2005 S320CDi
Hello everyone. My name is Pete and last week I became the proud owner of a a 2005 W220 S320 CDi in Cubanite Silver. Back in ‘93 when I had a young family I bought a 1985 W123 230TE auto 7 seater which was a cracking car on the open road but a bit of an alcoholic around town. In about 2011 whilst living in Dublin my partner started amassing speeding tickets at an alarming rate in her little Corolla so I replaced it with a 1999 W210 E200 auto in Smoke Silver. This was a lovely car but needed to be driven in a sedate manner as it wouldn’t pull the skin off a rice pudding, which was precisely my intention. When we moved back to England we brought it with us before replacing it with a Lexus LS430 but that’s another story.
To bring us up to date, earlier this year I bought my now wife a 2009 W245 B180 CDi which she absolutely loves. I was at the Dealer Launch of the B Class back in 2006 and I remember being seriously impressed.
I was recently toying with the idea of buying a 4x4 (to cope with towing duties) and had considered a second generation ML but I cannot bring myself to buy into the whole posh SUV thing it just doesn’t float my boat. Then this 2005 W220 S320 CDi came up with nearly full service history, low mileage and good bodywork at the right price. I can’t believe I now own an S Class Mercedes. What a stunning car. I have to pinch myself every morning. So elegant especially with the 5 spoke upgrade 18” alloys on it. I used to be a salesman in a Mercedes dealership years ago and I sold these cars when they were new!
That’s it, we are now a two Mercedes family and very content indeed. I just need to source a detachable tow bar and find someone to fit it.


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Welcome, S class what a great start to owning a MB , looks very tidy
Thanks folks for your kind welcome.
Hi Pete firstly welcome on board and secondly that is a very nice looking car!

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