New member..Looking at two C63s tommorow!

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Good luck, I think the red leather is great. Here's mine it has very minimum wear on the side bolster but I am very careful when I get in and out.

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Well then..

3.5 hr drive to Warrington friday night, stayed there to chill out and viewed both cars saturday morning.

First one is the Black coupe at Rix Motor Company. First i will say i went in with my eyes open with this.. because ive read a lot of reviews of the company (typically after) i left a deposit on the car and i was wary of what to expect. I met with Henry, the owners son, a very polite young guy around my age who couldn't be more welcoming. We were told the C63 would be 10 minutes as it was getting valeted, so we waited and looked around the massive stock of cars they had.
..half hour later the car was ready and we went out to have a look. The C63 really does look great in a coupe in the flesh, i will defo say that pics never do the coupe justice. My major concern was the sand leather - would i like it. I loved it. would i say the same in the next 3/4/5 years? probably not. The car had 33k miles, Yet the drivers outer bolster was worn quite badly, there were very fine denim stains on the seats, and there was an over welming smell of cleaning product that basically just put me off the interior all together, as mad as it sounds. The outside was generally clean, bits of dried polish residue from a rush job and a fair few stone chips to the front bumper and bonnet. i question why was the car being valeted when i turned up when they had over a week to do it.. could have even done it the day before. never mind. I wouldn't call the car 'Ropey' but it wasn't an example that was Babied.

You can see it all in my dads reaction.. haha.

I had my deposit back with no quibbles and was on my way.. Didn't even test drive it.

Next stop was Mercedes Benz Warrington, which coincedently as about 4 minutes away. whats the chances of that!

I was greeted by Paul, a salesman i had be dealing with over the phone over the last week and via email. On the first day of enquiring about the car, Paul made a quick video walk around of the car and emailed it over which was a fantastic little feature because i had a feel for the car before i got there which always helps given the distance. When we got to warrington on friday night we quickly went over to Merc and had a quick wander outside to see if i could see the C63 out in its was no where to be seen so i assume it was around the back so we left it. Paul showed us around the showroom when we got there yesterday and took us into a small room with a frosted white window. i was asked to press a button on a remote and the frost instantly disappeared and there stood the Black 5 for c63 In an all glass room staring at me! Its such a gimmick but adds to the whole experience.

I had a nose around the car and instantly fell in love. It is mean, aggressive yet very purposeful looking in saloon guise. And I'm not just saying this, but it could pass as brand new. It has 11k on the clock but the seats had zero wear, the outside was absolutely immaculate. I was impressed. We took it out for a drive (roads were greasy!) so i took my time. Very subdued and civilised, and border line lazy in C mode. I didn't want to but the sales man egged me on for S+ so i did and what the HELL! it made me laugh and smile like an utter mentalist. infact we all did! I loved the classic red leather with white stitching. Not too bright or in your face but enough to call it very special.

I did notice neither car had DAB radio. Was quite surprised at this on the '14 car but its something i do like so maybe i can retrofit it..not the end of the world if i can't though. The HK audio in the coupe sounded not far off the standard system in the saloon really, i doubt id miss it and will upgrade it through a local renown audio specialist in cardiff.

so. thanks for reading my essay! i just wanted to highlight the points on my experience with both dealers and the coupe in Rix if anyone else is looking to entertain it.

I pick up my dream car next saturday. Mercedes has even very kindly paid for my hotel friday night in Warrington so i can take my time going down. Fantastic.

safe to say I CANNOT WAIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!

Great car I like the red seats,much better than sand,a very good experience with the main dealer helps as well.
Fantastic. I've been waiting for this update. Sounds like a great experience at MB Warrington. It just goes to show the difference in prep at a main dealer V's indie.

How will they honour the warranty with the distance between you and them?

Keep us updated on the handover experience and ownership.

Well done, The Boy Did Good.

Congratulations, looks lovely.
Car looks as good as the day it left factory.

You will have a grin on your face the whole journey home so Enjoy.

I love these cars when you start them they give off a great engine sound.
Congrats mate looks very good and personally i love the sedan so great choice.
thanks all. As said i can't fail the dealer experience ( so far! ).

With regards to warranty it has a 12month manufacturers warranty remaining, which i believe runs along side Mercedes' standard used approved warranty of 12 months, so its either or. Because of the manufacturers warranty i assume it will be nation wide so i can visit my local swansea or cardiff dealer in the event of a problem.

can't blinking wait!
Nice one Irfan , great eid present !
Looks stunning!! I use Sinclair Swansea never had any issues with them
I was under the impression from enquiring about these at Mb recently that they all come with 2 years warranty- regarding the DAB retrofit the guys on this site (Richard and Alfie) can sort that and a whole host of other items for our cars, definitely worth giving them a shout

Lovely car! :thumb:
Saloon C63 looks the best!

U will be smiling for a long long time from collection day onwards!!
I was under the impression from enquiring about these at Mb recently that they all come with 2 years warranty- regarding the DAB retrofit the guys on this site (Richard and Alfie) can sort that and a whole host of other items for our cars, definitely worth giving them a shout

Lovely car! :thumb:

Only one year warranty but sometimes there are promotions for 2 years or maybe it's dealer's good will outside of promotions.

"Unlimited mileage warranty
Every Approved Used Mercedes-Benz comes with a guarantee of at least 12 months’ comprehensive unlimited mileage warranty
3. And, at any time your car is being repaired under warranty, we’ll also pay up to £100 per day (including VAT) towards the cost of a replacement vehicle"
The red leather is lovely. Health to drive and all that
Hopefully you have nice neighbours when they hear it start from cold :D
Love the red and black combination :thumb:

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