New Member with a W212 E63 Estate

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New Member
Nov 18, 2023
2015 W212 E63 AMG Estate
Hi All,

New member here with a W212 E63 Estate.
We have had it 2 months and are already loving it. The car was bought from Masons in Hertfordshire which was a great experience.
Looking forward to being a forum member and I'll add a thank you now for all the answers to question I am bound to be asking.
As a note to self I'll spend some time reading about the rules, I just posted an intro in the AMG lounge not realising there is this new members area...


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Hello and welcome
Nice, like the colour and wheels
I didn't like the black wheels at 1st. I have another car that was all black. Had the dealer paint them silver before collection and it was the right choice. However on the AMG they have grown on me, not least because they hide the dirt...
Welcome, I don’t like black wheels normally but the look very good with that body colour .👍
Wow this looks great! Exactly what i'm after! What colour is it if you don't mind me asking?
Hi I believe it is Selenite Grey. I really like it and it's even made me like the black alloys.

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